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This package contains a tool for handling times in movie subtitles. Basic features are moving subtitles forward and backward from specified title or for all titles, supporting ‘SubRip(srt)’ and ‘MicroDVD(sub)’ formats.


Note that ‘SubRip(srt)’ file have to be terminated by empty line, and input file have to be in UNIX format (newline=#10)


The code is written in the Python language and uses modules sys, getopt and re.


You can find out all information about parameters in help text (‘subshift -h’)


'$ subshift -t +0:0:3,5 file.srt > newfile.srt'
Add to times in subtitles 3 seconds and 005 miliseconds

'$ subshift -t -0:0:4,500 file.srt > newfile.srt'
Subtract 4 seconds and 500 miliseconds (half second)

Program can be used also as filter:
 $ cat file.srt | subshift -t +0:0:3,0 > newfile.srt    
 $ subshift -i srt -o sub:25.0 file.srt > newfile.sub    
 $ subshift -i sub:25.00 -o srt file.sub > newfile.srt
 $ subshift -i sub:25.00 -o sub:23.97 file.sub > newfile.sub


subshift-1.0.tar.gz | md5sum: 3ad1ede46c74874c5079b0cccba6af92